Advantages And Disadvantages Of Owning Marble Countertops

People are always looking for a good material they can use in their house that would last long but still affordable enough and could save them money in the long run. One such thing is marble which is a metamorphic stone formed during the crystallization of sediment under pressure or great heat. This is one of the hard stones with granite being harder and soapstone being less hard.

This may be the most popular material to be used as a a surface on several furniture and fixtures in the house like at the fireplace, offices, bathrooms and kitchen. Among these are the marble countertops Calgary which could be placed in the aforementioned locations. These are some of the following reasons why people like using these materials.

First is their spectacular elegant beauty making them highly in demand as the main choice of material for surfaces in countertops. They come in a variety of hues including solid black and solid white as well as various colors in black, white, green, gray, yellow, and rose spectrums. Each slab is different which makes what you have a unique one.

They are also heat resistant making them the perfect choice in kitchens because they could stand up to hot pots and pans well. Their popularity in being used at fireplaces has also increased because it can withstand the occasional spark and will not yellow because of the heat. When in bathrooms, styling tools would not mar them if not left hot a long time.

Although there are some concerns you should think about when using these materials like being high maintenance and a porous stone. This means they have the vulnerability to staining agents like oil, juice and wine which seep into the rock deeply. Reversing this is difficult when this happens so during installation, sealing the surface professionally helps prevent the damage.

This only helps because you have to repeat this process after every ix months and can be done by yourself using a quality sealant. This frequency is applicable when you like to always cook in your kitchen but if you seldom do so then doing it once a year is possible. If it gets stained by red wine though, few ammonia drops and half cup of hydrogen peroxide should be dipped into a cloth to wipe it until gone.

Scratches are inevitable in these surfaces so be prepare to see some of them specially when they were exposed to acid in prolonged duration. This removes the sealant or polish from the finish of these marbles making them dull and more vulnerable. Honing them makes the etching less noticeable though this results is a less polished and matte effect.

Doing these things though is not a guarantee of them not to be scratched or etched anymore. This is due to being softer than granite and other durable stones. Because of this, you must avoid leaning on them when wearing metal necklaces or a belt.

If you are not concerned with the work involved in maintaining them then they are a good addition. But if not then avoid using them. Their cost is also dependent upon the kind of marble you will buy.