All About Greenhouse Gardening Techniques

Greenhouses and other glass protection 

  1. Fix an electricity supply in your greenhouse to provide you power and light for propagating units and watering systems.
  2. Eliminate automatic window openings in the winter, as dense frosts can harm the liquid tanks which activate them. You can also visit to know about greenhouse fertigation systems.

Greenhouse Computers

  1. Find greenhouses where they will get lots of sunlight in spring and winter, and at which you can access to them without becoming muddy feet.
  2. Grow a pot of basil on your own greenhouse to repel whitefly. They do not enjoy the odor.
  3. Maintain your greenhouse warm in the winter and save on heating bills by lining it with bubble plastic. The bubbles must be contrary to the glass to form a good layer of the atmosphere.
  4. Make fast cloches using two sheets of four and glass clothing pegs. Place two pegs on every piece of glass lean the sheets of glass and place a rubber band on every set of pins to hold them together.
  5. Fix a very clear polythene curtain to different plants which require different growing conditions like light and dry for berries or moist and unethical for cucumbers.
  6. Water your own greenhouse in the daytime. Evening watering leaves moist states overnight that promote red spider mite.
  7. Grow vegetable plants in grow bags or bathtubs instead of from the boundary soil, to prevent a build-up of pests and diseases.