All About Kids Easter Activities

There are many different types of kids Easter activities that children can enjoy at this time of year. Whether you want an activity for your child to do quietly at home or if you are looking for Easter classroom activities for school, you have lots of choices.

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There are crafts, puzzles, games, math activities and cooking activities that will keep the kids happy and busy. You can also look for various things to do in Sacramento with kids at Sacramento 4 Kids.
Designing eggs is one of the normal kids Easter activities but there are also other crafts that you might prefer to try.

Easter Cards

Supply the kids with some engineering credit card, markers, glue, stickers, glitter, and stamps plus they can make Easter credit cards to provide to friends or family. To create an interesting greeting card, try shaping the cards like an egg or a bunny.

Easter Wreaths

Another Easter art activity is to generate wreaths. These can be produced on a newspaper dish with a wedding ring cut from the center. First, cover the wreath with straw or aerosol paint it magic or precious metal.

Easter Relays

If you are looking for more active kids Easter activities, you might like to try relays, Easter themed races or egg hunts. The classic egg and spoon race is perfect for Easter and can also be held as a relay.