Choose Eco Friendly Toothbrushes

The Parts of the Toothbrush The toothbrush, as simple as it may look, has undergone a lot of patent regulations before it become the reference of the ones we commercially use.

The Toothbrush Head The head of the toothbrush contains all the necessary parts for cleaning our teeth. You can browse this site and know more benefits of eco-friendly toothbrush.

Back in Europe, approximately two billion toothbrushes have been sold yearly, these develop in to a 36,000 tonnes of all non-recyclable waste.  For that reason, deciding on an green tooth-brush made out of plastic is actually a method to do the environment a favor. Nonetheless, it’s difficult to not get lost one of the broad assortment of eco friendly toothbrushes available on offer.

Numerous Forms of so Called green toothbrushes exist, however for both primary genuinely ecofriendly choices Stand-out:The single toothbrushes 100 percent plastic-free and for that reason extremely biodegradable, since they’re made exclusively of pure substances, would be the toothbrushes produced from beech timber with natural bristles out of boar hair.


They’re created in Germany and deliver a very effective wash whilst caring for your tooth.  All these are the most effective ecofriendly and plastic-free option, but they have been perhaps not acceptable for vegans.  For that reason, we’d also prefer to talk about bamboo toothbrushes.

Definitely nearly all green toothbrushes (or tagged therefore) contain a bamboo handle and nylon bristles.    But it’s very important to explain that the nylon utilised to its fingernails of those toothbrushes isn’t really bio degradable, or less we know it if talking about unprocessed substances.   Ny-lon is vinyl and also we believe it is only a very little misleading to discuss organic ny-lon as it provides the impression it’s without any synthetic compound compounds.

Thus, before picking the variety of vegan toothbrushes available for sale on the site, we’ve completed a great deal of research.   We’ve chosen to stock toothbrushes in My Boo Company only because they provide several benefits over other bamboo toothbrushes.

We hope we have helped you in your search for an eco-friendly toothbrush. It is possible to find an eco-friendly alternative to plastic toothbrushes and it is a very good way to reduce both your use of plastic and your waste.