Different Types of Spa Styles

Spas currently days provide a variety of treatments, in fact, there are spas that are dedicated to special treatments.

Spas can be divided into a number of categories-


Any beauty or hair salon, health spa or health clinic, which provides a minimum of one hydro therapy treatment, comes under your day spa category. Chiang Rai hotel

Day Spa treatments can vary from 30 minutes to the complete day. Day spas are ideal for grabbing an instant rejuvenating session during a busy week. Chiang Rai hotel is fine establishments with great massage services. You can rest assured of a comfortable stay and great food around the clock.

Trailer spa

At a cell spa, therapists visit your home with their necessary equipment and cure you in the convenience of your residence.

Mobile Spa is fast being a desirable and convenient means to feel the benefits of spa treatment at the convenience of one’s dwelling.

You can even host hot parties in your home with friends. Mobile spas are wonderful for the bridal shower, baby, girl’s time out, party or indulge in a romantic spa for two.

Trailer spa also famous in Thailand. Many visitors like trailer spas making the best of ancient Ayurvedic practices. And if you like to experience spa then visit this website http://www.maneedhevaresort.com/en/about-us.php.

Destination spa

A destination spa can be an area whose sole objective is to assist individuals to create a healthy way of life. These spas are always located in places with natural beauty and sublime weather, like mountains, islands, and tropical regions.

At destination health spa, the entire environment is synchronized towards fitness, healthful eating, relaxation, and regeneration.

Eco spa

Eco spas are environment-friendly spas; they concentrate on using treatments and substances for treatments and remedies.

Not just in treatments but additionally their recreation is wrapped around nature, and give activities like horseback riding, rock climbing, trekking and nature paths.

Mineral health spa

Cosmetic spas focus on the use of nutritional supplements in their treatments. The ideal approach is a vitamin bath therapy, as mineral water will help in rebuilding worn out muscles, expediting metabolism, and hastening the healing process by improving blood circulation and detoxifying your system.