Duplicating Some T Shirts For You

Making your own shirts with your very own designs is one thing, but getting the right design that you found and want to put on a shirt? Yes, that is possible now too. Like all other things that have been made possible because of innovation on our parts, it too can be made. And it is easy too. There are printing stores out there for you if you really want one for yourself. There is T Shirt Duplication in Chicago.

We always wanted to print some shirts for ourselves. Not really those famous ones with famous designs and whatnot. Just some fanart that we found on the internet that we liked and wanted to parade around. And then we kind of realized that that may not be legal since the creator of the fan art did not allow for it.

So we thought about printing the ones that are already made into t shirts and have been allowed by their creators to be sued as clothing. Then we later realized that that is basically piracy and slightly stealing since that would mean making fake shirt off of the ones that already exist so we scrapped that too.

Think of it in a way that people have been faking the Supreme logo all the time because it is so easy to do so. And while we have no idea what the hell is so appealing about a white test in a red paint ON a normal colored shirt? They still sell and boy are they expensive. Children seem to like them.

So we just thought about those band shirts or something that a group in a school would make, so we do not technically commit some sort of crime, the world is already filled with rotten thieves, even if they are not aware that they are stealing something. It would be best if we do not contribute.

Maybe we could even make our own designs if we are actually that artistic enough to be talented about it. The best thing we could come up with is photoshopped photos mixed together and adding in a dumb text or a joke to make it interesting. Or better yet, printing out a meme on a shirt would be better.

And who knows? Maybe you could get something out of it. Maybe start your own business and get a lot of money by printing out the ideas and requests of other people. And if they like, they could buy the ones that you yourself have put out. And then you would become the next Supreme. Ut with better content and fewer costs.

Seriously, why are they so freaking expensive? What is so costly about that dumb design? Is it the material and the quality of the cloth? Is that it?

That is it, is it not? Maybe they embroidered it with the blood of gods and some kind of fairy dust to make it seem so perfect and durable. Hence why the stuff is so damn expensive. We would never buy that, by the way. We would rather spend our money on food than a damn shirt like that.