Eat Delicious Yakisoba Together With Friends

The very first Japanese barbecue which I attended made me curious since it had been quite different than that which we come back.

We grilled many different types of meat, a few sea vegetables, and foods but what made me astonished was visiting “yakisoba” (fried noodles) being prepared. I did not understand that noodles will suit barbecue nonetheless it did.

Usually, noodles have been sold in packs which can be good for just two, three or even more 4 people. Throughout that barbecue, I had a complete pack advantageous to 4 people and that’s how yummy it was.

We’d two barbeque grills, one for one and grilling with a barbecue plate at the top at which we ate veggies and yakisoba. The girls aided in preparing the ingredients and also the men did the cooking.

One of those girls brought three kinds of yakisoba sauce at the barbecue. One is candy, you are a little sour and the past is just a little hot but they taste exactly the same.

The children enjoyed the candy sauce, the sourest sauce has been hot with all the ladies along with also the hot sauce was widely popular one of the men.

Yakisoba is actually a very simple but yummy dish. The ingredients aren’t tough to seek out and prep is easy.

It might be ready in minutes by anybody. Here’s the recipe to get yakisoba or you can also find a recipeĀ fromĀ Channel J website

Yakisoba Recipe


  • One bunch of yakisoba (dry noodles)
  • 250 g of beef cut thin strips
  • Cooking oil
  • One Carrot
  • One Cabbage
  • You can also incorporate other veggies, meat or sea meals on your own choice simply cut them into bite-size bits.
  • Half of a cup of Drinking Water
  • Your Selection of yakisoba sauce or tonkatsu sauce
  • Peeled and smashed ginger (optional)


  • Start with peeling off the vegetables and cut them into bite-size bits. Wash them in plain water.
  • At a skillet, fry the steak and apply all of the veggies, however, don’t overcook.
  • Insert the noodles at the skillet and then put in half a cup of water.
  • Water may vanish, shave it for approximately a few minutes or even best to try out the noodles by eating a few.
  • Insert the yakisoba flavoring that was included with a yakisoba package.
  • Move the yakisoba into some plate, then pour yakisoba sauce in addition to it’s about to serve.