Gas Saving Tips How To Improve Fuel Economy

Saving gas is more of a concern and finding ways to improve fuel economy is becoming ever more so important.

 Assuming that your car or truck is mechanically sound these tips should help you improve gas mileage. If you want to know more about Ford 7.3 Powerstroke Performance Parts | then click right here.

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Starting with the obvious

  • Walk, ride a bike, catch a bus or carpool.
  • If you must drive your own vehicle the following gas saving tips follow:
  • Late model vehicles do not need a 5 to 10 minute warm up like older models did once your instrument check lights go out you are ready to drive off.
  • Along trips use an online mapping service such as MapQuest to find the shortest routes.
  • Use or buy a GPS unit made specifically for driving not only will you find the shortest route and save gas but also save time.
  • Try to plan your trips that is trying to run as many errands as possible when you’re in a certain area.
  • Avoid rush hour traffic or congested roads that may become gridlocked.
  • If you grocery shop once a week plan your shopping list a little more wisely and grocery shop once every two weeks.
  • Will your employer allow you to work 4 ten hour days instead of 5 8 hour days? The advantage of 10 hour days is one less travel day and you may avoid busy times on the road.
  • Use the recommended grade of gasoline as stated in your owner’s manual. a
  • Avoid topping your gas tank off overfilling can result in spillage thus wasting gas.