How To Protect Yourself From Electromagnetic Radiation


Scientists are warning that letting a laptop actually rest in your lap while using it is bad for your reproductive health. Like all electrical devices, laptops give off electromagnetic radiation, and this can harm adjacent tissues.

The problem is even worse if you use a cell phone and carry it in your trouser pocket. Cell phones are constantly sending data signal to the mobile phone network, and this data signal consists of microwave radiation. Microwaves are a form of non-ionising radiation, and were originally thought harmless. Sadly, we now know otherwise, and the consequences of exposing male genitals to cell phone radiation over lengthy periods (such as carrying your cell phone in your trouser pocket all day) is to damage sperm production. Not only does it reduce the number of sperm produced, but it also results in the production of unhealthy sperm that are less viable and less mobile than healthy sperm.     


Sperm that are not viable or mobile are much less likely to fertilise an egg, which means that cell phone radiation poses a significant threat to your ability to father children.

Electromagnetic radiation is also thought to pose a significant threat to your immediate health, too, in the form of brain cancer, although it will take time before this is firmly established.In the meantime, the only way to avoid this radiation is to carry your phone in an anti-radiation phone case.