Leonard Had To Move To New York City To Find An Agent!

leonard cohenPoet, novelist, singer, monk, ladies' man and actor Leonard Norman Cohen, one of the world’s most influential pop icons was born on 21 Sept 1934 in Montreal. Whether from a mountain top at the Zen Center in California, or the Greek island Hydra or just strolling along the streets, the melancholy songwriter/singer has delighted his fans globally with his poems, novels and music. Despite his achievements as a writer in Montreal, Leonard Cohen found it hard to pay his bills. Leonard Cohen decided to try music, but then, he had to move to New York City to find an agent.

“The song seized me and the appetite for reaching many people seized me”, those were Cohen’s words when he was asked why he decided to start writing songs. As a result, Leonard Cohen decided to move from Canada to North America try see whether he could find a reliable agent.  Even before he recorded his first song, Cohen moved to a Greek island Hydra where he started writing. In Hydra, Cohen meet with a Norwegian woman called Suzanne. Even though Suzanne was married, they got in love and start living together. In fact, Suzanne was the inspiration behind Cohen’s So Long Suzanne track. Follow Mahee Ferlini on YouTube to listen to the Cohen’s song.