The Connections Of Overall Health

The word “health” derives from the English word “hale” meaning whole. A person is whole when they are unified, healthy, and a feeling of completeness- not fragmented and disintegrated. Parts of being complete is to express radiant physical, mental, and spiritual health. Which means to radiate harmony, peace, strength, optimism, healing at any age, and love. However, it rarely seems that way, for some people they feel a partial disconnection which brings disharmony, illness, disease, fatigue, emotional and disconnected. A complete disconnection results in death.

To start, physical connections is when all of your body parts are in proper alignments and fitting precisely. This is how the brain communicates with the rest of your body and does not interfere with the functions of other body parts or flow of energy. At this point, the body is in a state of exquisite coordination, harmony, and high resistance to disease. A disconnection in the body results in lack of balance, interruptions of energy, lack of wholeness, disease, illness, exhaustion, aging, and shortened lifespan. Tender or sensitive sport in the body, like trigger point areas, are a sign of disturbance.

On the other hand, we have emotional health. The more one is connected with the inner self, the more they are able to connect with others. Relationships bring happiness, hope, vitality, and importance to life. The healthier and happier you are emotionally the quicker you can recover from trauma or illness. An emotionally detached person holds anger, resentment, pain, envy, and hate. Past fears cause physical tension, brain fog, emotional stress, white hair, wrinkles, and leads to disease.

Spiritually, the closer you are to love, energy, vitality, and wisdom the clearer your body can connect. The goal of all spiritual/religious, practices is to teach you to connect with your soul. No matter what your source of energy is, the purpose and meaning of it all is to feel joy, happiness, and peace. A physical disconnection called vertebral subluxation can interfere with the flow of energy and information affecting physical, emotional, and spiritual health. San Diego Chiropractors are trained to locate and correct subluxation and remove the disconnect of energy flow in the body. As your spine and nerves release stress your body begins to tune back in and connect to the normal flow of energy that runs through the body. You begin to feel warm, whole, aware, and ready for growth and wisdom.