The Thailand Postal Service UPC Bar Codes

The UPC barcode inventory software has revolutionized the management of retail inventory. The Barcode Scanners and UPC barcode software have become the most widely used inventory track system.

They include fonts throughout, templates and other options that allow the user to generate the code and allow VBA functions for spreadsheets and database utilities.

A UPC barcode (also known as ‘บาร์โค้ด UPC‘ in the Thai language) consists of 12 digits, and UPC – E barcode consists of 8 digits. UPC barcode is a numeric code that may only differ in height, width, and spacing to represent the various codes of goods. 

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UPC bar codes including a checksum at the end of the barcode as the last digit. Checksum calculation used in the UPC bar code is complex compared to other bar code.

UPC barcodes are encoded with code specific items whose value will be taken by the software of the database which consists of all relevant data like.

Some feature of UPC barcode system:

UPC symbol

With UPC codes, it is the width of the bar and the width of the space between the bars that encode data. It’s also one-dimensional bar code in the sense that their height is not very important.

Evolution Bar Codes

Actually, there are many types of barcodes that follow different formats. Bar code has enabled great strides in automation and standardization.

QR Tags

QR tags can encode a variable number of characters from one character to somewhere around 4000 characters. 

Conclusion: Barcodes provide better data. Since one barcode can be used for inventory and pricing information, it is possible to quickly obtain data on both.