Thomas DeLauer Believes He Knows The Truth About Fasting

It's time to be honest with yourself. How many diets, exercise routines, supplements and pieces of training equipment have you purchased in the last ten years? Better yet, ask yourself how many of those products and regimens actually had substantial results that changed the way your body looked from a visual standpoint. Whether you're a fitness novice, or you're someone that has dabbled with getting in shape for years, the Truth About Fasting is changing the way men think about fitness, both inside and outside the gym. What's more, the fasting framework laid out by the protocol completely turns what we previously believed to be true about nutrition on its head.

In previous years, bodybuilders and athletic professionals believed that small, round-the-clock meals needed to be consumed to achieve nutritional goals. The approach that Truth About Fasting uses is compacting our caloric intake into a smaller feeding window in order to achieve a desired fat loss result.

As an example most individuals find that they consume a meal every two to three hours, on average. Truth About Fasting takes those same meals, and same caloric intake, and puts them closer together in a smaller feeding window. In the simplest terms, this means that your satiation levels will go up, your metabolism will kick into high gear, and it makes losing weight much easier to manage overall. Outside of the feeding window, users are advised to drink water and caffeine in order to promote a fasted state in the body. When our system enters the fasted state, stored fat is optimized as an energy source and, quite literally, burns our unwanted fat away. Studies have also shown that short duration fasting can elevate energy levels and pique our energy output throughout the day. To learn more about Thomas DeLauer's ideas you can visit the Truth About Fasting official website.