Top Seven New Social Media Sites Today

Nowadays, there are numerous technological advancements that can be applied in numerous applications and industries. As a result, social media has increased in relevance, prominence, and popularity today. In fact, there are now numerous applications and platforms that users may utilize. Furthermore, some businesses have also based their operations on creating these platforms and new content for modern users.

Due to this, there are now numerous applications and websites that are especially designed for numerous things. This includes those exclusively for blogging, communication with other people through your screen, marketplace sites, and even those for more practical uses like for setting up reminders and for fitness activities. In line with this, the following paragraphs will be relaying the top seven new social media sites today.

For those who are into marketing or work in a profession that entails examining marketing strategies, Pyrus is the ideal choice for you. This is a tool that is also used for collaborating with other colleagues and professionals, since it has real time messaging and one can share files with others. Furthermore, one is able to use it even without internet connection, provided the cache or cookies has been loaded already.

Bear is another app that is available on both Android and Mac platforms. Bear is most useful for taking down and keeping track of new ideas, whether for work, school, or other creative pursuits. Essentially, it is another note taking application but with its many design choices and other features, its users have an easier time organizing everything. It also uses hash tags, in order to keep track of notes and other contents that are related to each other.

Pocket Casts has a unique and all encompassing database for those that like to keep track of new content and trending programs these days. While it costs about four US dollars for android and six US dollars for Mac users, most people prefer using it over other alternatives because it offers unique and relevant topics and programs. This includes television shows, podcasts, new music from different artists, and many more.

Hootsuite Enhance is only available on the app store but will be coming to android platforms soon. The purpose of Hootsuite is to have one program to replace all other apps you have on your phone or laptop. It helps in de cluttering and removing unnecessary applications that are only taking up space on your existing or removable storage memory space.

Duo Book is great for those who enjoy reading electronic pieces of literature or listening to audio books. Its features allow you to switch from a text based format to that of audio recordings. It also has its own marketplace, so you can purchase ebooks and other related content by using it, provided that you have connected your banking account details with it.

Headspace is the best app for those that need or prefer guided meditation. It offers soothing background music, guided meditation instructions, and one can even set their preferred amount of time spent on it. Regular meditation has numerous benefits, including a healthier frame of mind by spending a few minutes each day in relaxation and being one with nature.

Daycap is most notably utilized by those who manage social media accounts for various clients. A common problem that these professionals have is coming up with new and relevant content every day, so day cap helps in giving new ideas by providing visually stimulating posts. Furthermore, the user can also share these posts on other platforms, including Messenger and Instagram.