Track The Source Of Email Message

When an email is received with suspicious content, the authenticity of the message may seem hard to trace back. For new computer applications, the ability to trace email is out of sight in several email clients. Fortunately, there are simple advanced tactics to locate the IP address of the sender by seeing the headers of this message along with a utilizing an IP Locator. You can navigate to to get more info on email tracking apps.

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All email messages have headers with information containing information of this server the email was delivered from and the IP address of the actual sender. In the header, the IP address is found as numbers.

Within an email client like Thunderbird or Outlook, the headers could be seen by going into the “View” option near the top of the application and clicking on “Headers” in the subtext menu. By default, “Normal” is selected that views the basic information of the sender like the Subject, “From” address, “To” address, and the date that the message delivered. Selecting “All” shows raw header data including the email and ISP IP address.

On web-based email customers, the headers can be found in different ways by logging in and seeing the message in question.

Headers in Gmail:

  • On the right of the message, start the reply menu.
  • Choose “Show Original” to view the entire message together with the header info.

Headers in Yahoo Mail (Classic):

  • Click on “Full Headers” on the right side of the message.
  • Headers with the brand new Yahoo Mail interface (previously “Beta”)
  • Open the Standard Headers menu on the far right of the message and select “Full Headers” from the drop-down menu.