When to Apply for an EB-5 Visa

When choosing the EB-5 investor program as the chosen method of immigration, many families question about the timing.

However, the best time to apply for an EB-5 Visa can vary from family to family. Creating a personal timeline for this process can assist with this decision but that too can be tricky without the proper guidance or knowledge of the EB-5 process. You can navigate to online resources and find out more information about EB 5 program

Actually, the majority of overseas immigration applicants decide to employ a consultant to aid them in navigating the procedure in keeping with the applicant’s needs and goals.

The EB-5 Visa is an investment kind visa which needs that the foreigner to spend $1,000,000 or in certain instances $500,000 USD to a licensed EB-5 program called a Regional Center. The investment must lead to the production of 10 full-time (permanent) jobs for U.S. employees. The outcome is that the issuance of a”conditional” green card.

Generally, the investor will try to qualify for a removal of those conditions in approximately 21-24 months from the date that the first program was authorized, by now the EB-5 job will have to show that the mandatory 10 full-time jobs are created so the candidate may be eligible for the elimination of requirements.

Obviously, there are additional time aspects to look at that seasoned EB-5 advisers know of and will aid the applicant in mapping in connection with time restraints relevant to the applicant.